28 Styles of BBQ and Why You Should Try Them All

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June 11, 2018
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28 Styles of BBQ and Why You Should Try Them All

Picture what the world would be like with no barbeque…


Scary, right?


No deliciously sweet, spicy, thick, or even vinegary sauces to indulge ourselves.


No family get togethers enjoying a beer or glass of wine while we wait for that nights’ succulent meat.


Fortunately for us, we never have to experience that world.


A lot of you may also be wondering just how much barbecue there is.


I’ve compiled a list to share with you.



Smoked Spare Ribs








1. Kansas City

Fun fact: Kansas City isn’t even in Kansas.

This deceit does not stop them from having some of the best BBQ in the country.

WIth most sauces being a thick ketchup base with sweet and spicy, you can expect meats of all varieties slathered in this delicious sauce and smoked slowly for hours.

2. Memphis

Not just the place where your Amazon packages ship from, Memphis is one of the BBQ capitals of America.

Best known for its dry rubs, you can expect a “less” messy rib than other styles of BBQ.

3. North Carolina

The third of the 4 “majors” North Carolina BBQ is all about tradition. To preserve flavor, North Carolina BBQ sticks with a vinegar based sauce with little spice added to it.

4. Texas

Where’s the beef? Well it’s in Texas of course. Texas BBQ centers on simplicity, using mostly salt and pepper, while frowning upon sauce. Everything is big in Texas, so expect a large helping of brisket and sides to go with it.\

5. St. Louis

Known for it’s consumption of BBQ sauce (#1 in the country), St. Louis style means grilled rather than smoked. It’s also the origin of the Pork steak. So slap some sweet sauce on your pulled pork and try it St. Louis style.

6. Hawaiian

Yes, they’re known for more than just pineapple. In Hawaii, you’re not getting the traditional ribs, pulled pork, and brisket. On the island they do it a little different. Typically ordering BBQ here means you get a large platter of grilled meat or chicken, sweet-and-tangy from a marinade of shoyu (soy sauce), sugar, and fresh garlic and ginger.

7. Korean

Similar to Hawaiian BBQ, Korean BBQ often is served with rice and has a soy sauce base. The most famous dish is marinated short ribs cut flanken style.

8. South Carolina

How many sauces do you serve your BBQ with? In South Carolina there’s no right answer, because it seems as if everyone has their own creation. In the land of “Old Hickory”, it’s all about the idea of BBQ, rather than telling everyone they invented it.

9. Alabama

In the heart of Dixie, you’ll find an unusual mayonnaise based sauce that is oh so delicious. Typical Alabama BBQ is smoked over Hickory or Pecan wood. Just don’t forget that it’s all about the pride down there, as everyone and their mother will tell you which BBQ is best.

10. Florida

What? Even Florida has their own style?? Say it ain’t so. The unique thing about Florida BBQ is the influence of Southern and Caribbean cooking. Taking a combination of citrus and vinegar, you’ll find one of the rarest dishes available: smoked striped mullet.

11. Kentucky

You won’t find fancy smokers or a million different sauces. In Kentucky it’s all about old fashioned pit smoking with… Mutton. Smoked over hickory coals and served with a thick worcheshire base sauce, you’ll find a different kind of BBQ in Western Kentucky.

12. Argentinian

Yes, there’s even BBQ in South America, although this isn’t BBQ for the weak stomached. Argentinian BBQ features a variety of organ meats, blood sausages, and intestines.

13. South African

There’s no specific type of meat or sauce here. It’s just all about the braai. Or as we would call it, barbecue. In South Africa, it’s good times and good people.

14. Filipino

Have you ever had a pork BBQ skewer? If you haven’t then you definitely should. Our BBQ travels now bring us to the Philippines where these delicacies are gone in minutes.

15. Lebanese

Surely you’ve heard of a shish kabob. Well, in Lebanon, the most common form of BBQ is the Shish Tawook. These are basically lemon and garlic chicken skewers, but don’t sleep on them, they’re delicious.

16. Indian

Have you had tandoori? If you haven’t it should be on your list of foods to try.

17. Australian

G’day mate, toss another shrimp on the barbie. All jokes aside, Australia is one of the world’s largest exporters of red meat. This means they have a tremendous appetite for BBQ of their own. With many Asian influenced recipes you can find anything from beef to kangaroo on the ‘cue.

18. Mongolian

No, it’s not just a chain restaurant in America. And Mongolian BBQ is not technically BBQ, but for the purpose of this list we’ll let it slide just because it is so delicious.

19. Japanese

Famous for sushi and ramen, you can also find some delicious BBQ in Japan. It’s not just because of the Kobe beef either.

20. Mexican

Mexican style BBQ is mostly attributed to the largely available Mesquite wood all around the country. With over 30 different chili’s available across Mexico, you can expect many different tastes.

21. Chinese

Mostly pork based, you can find spicy Chinese BBQ with cantonese influence. Char siu is long boneless seasoned strips of pork cooked slow over an open flame.

22. Turkey

You don’t have to travel to Istanbul to experience how great kabobs are. Found in many large cities you can experience the best that Turkish BBQ has to offer.

23. Jamaican

Jamaican BBQ is a very spicy chicken or goat that is “jerked.” This spice has deep roots on the island and will melt your face off.

24. Cuban

Cuban BBQ is hard to find outside of southern Florida and the island of Cuba itself. This citrus based BBQ is famous for “cracklins” or the crispy skin off the pork.

25. Taiwan

Mainly centered around the Moon Festival, Taiwanese BBQ is a soy based treat.

26. German

Celebrate German BBQ with Schnitzel and a Bratwurst

27. Brazilian

Brazilian BBQ is similar to American BBQ because of the amount of cattle grazing, the key difference though, is that they don’t smoke the meat for hours. Instead, they coat it with salt and then baste it as it cooks.

28. New Zealand

Cook up some Kiwi BBQ as we head to New Zealand to finish our list. Traditionally, it was smoked sausage with tomato based sauces. But today, Kiwi BBQ is much more than just that. Celebrate with some fresh seafood straight to the ‘cue in New Zealand.

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